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Building a Community of Advocates Through Smart Content

Posted by Michelle_LeBlancFrom gentle criticism to full-on trolls, every brand social media page or community sometimes faces pushback. Maybe you’ve seen it happen. Perhaps you’ve even laughed along as a corporation makes a condescending misstep or a local business publishes a glaring typo. It’s the type of thing that keeps social media and community managers up at night. Will I be by my phone to respond if someone needs customer service help? Will I know what to write if our brand comes under fire? Do we have a plan for dealing with this?Advocates are a brand’s best friendIn my years of experience developing communities and creating social media content, I’ve certainly been there. I won’t try to sell you a magic elixir that makes that anxiety go away, but I've witnessed a phenomenon that can take the pressure off. Before you can even begin to frame a response as the brand, someone comes out of the woodwork and does it for you. Defending, opening up a conversation, or perhaps defl…

Universal Web Design Principles That Improve Usability And Conversion

I used to spend thousands of dollars hiring designers to create some fancy-looking web pages only to find out that they did nothing to improve my conversion rates.Since then, I’ve gotten wiser.I’ve brushed up on my design knowledge so I don’t get the wool pulled over my eyes.Now that I know what I want and have the ability to communicate it to my design team, I have good-looking websites that convert.Good design is more than just pretty pictures.Good design solves problems, achieves results, and communicates a message effectively.For most websites, the visual design needs to support business objectives, such as getting visitors to consume the content or respond to the calls to action.That means you need to understand how the human brain processes visual information. Thankfully, it’s quite predictable.By applying some tried-and-true design principles, you can make your website more appealing to visitors and more effective in achieving your objectives:Visual hierarchyVisual hierarchy al…

Buying a pre-owned domain? Check these 10 things first

With over 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web today, it comes as no surprise that the domain name you may want to use is already owned by someone else. Luckily, in some cases, the current owner might be willing to part with it — for the right price.Acquiring a pre-owned domain can have a drastic impact on your SEO efforts, so it is important to approach such a purchase with caution. It is recommended that you do your due diligence — it’s not uncommon for a domain name to have changed hands many times, and just like buying a used car, it’s often difficult to get the full history.While examining the SERPs and scanning for any spammy links may be a good first step, it’s important to conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that the domain does not have a manual action penalty or warning from Google. There are many small issues that may not initially be cause for concern; however, in aggregate, these problems can seriously hamper your domain’s ability to rank.If you’ve bought, or are …