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Competitor Analysis Tools: Learn How To Spy on Your Competition

While competitors may seem like a thorn in your side on a day to day basis, they can be used for very useful data. Try keeping your friends close but keep your enemies closer.Competitive analysis tools are a great way for you to spy on the competition, to stay up to date on current trends, and to see where they are beating you. Even Google spies on its users by giving search data to other companies. That’s why you are always getting ads for the thing you last searched for on Google. While spying on competitors may seem immoral, it’s not, it’s just good business.Learning how to spy on competitors used to be tricky, but now there on tools online that make it even simpler. There are also a few key areas that you will want to look at to see how you stack up against the competition.What is Competitor Analysis?Competitor analysis is looking at strengths and weaknesses of the competition. From a digital marketing standpoint, competitive analysis looks at a website’s traffic, rankings, advert…

Increasing Traffic and Leads with SEO + Content

About the ClientPlatform:WordPress
Niche:Recruiting & HR
Goals:Increase Organic Search Traffic, Increase Resume Submissions, Increase Job Orders
Strategy:On-page Optimization, Content & Link BuildingAbout the CampaignThis client is a recruiting and staffing agency with locations in Philadelphia, NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Boston. They had just completed a brand new site overhaul with a custom site built on WordPress, but they weren’t seeing the traffic and leads they wanted to come through organic search. This particular client had a few separate goals.Increase organic search trafficIncrease resume submissions to add to their database Increase leads for job ordersAfter a quick analysis, it was clear that the site was lacking in content and needed an aggressive SEO plan put in place in order to start ranking quickly. Our StrategyIn order to put together the best strategy, we needed to really understand the client’s business and the staffing and recruiting industry. We did a …